Dreams Begin in the Heart, but if They Are to Become Anything Else, They Cannot Stay There.

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I hate to accept this, but I am capable of forgetting who I am.

I wrote those words in my journal after finishing my master’s. After seven straight years of higher ed, it dawned on me that much of my life had been a hectic pattern of reactivity — surviving…

What I’ve done to make more friends than I know what to do with

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Ever since elementary school, I have struggled to keep up with the number of friends that I make. To be sure, there are hazards of constantly connecting with people on this level. (Several folks invited themselves to my wedding, some directly wrote me to express deep hurt at not being…

After six months of reorganizing my work habits, I’m consistently completing 10 additional tasks per week

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I’m not sure if I have ADD, but every time I encounter a TikTok or article that is supposed to speak to those folks, I feel like the target audience.

I am distracted to a degree that gets in the way of basic tasks, chores, and sequencing—doing things in the…

I refuse to lose sight of my dreams again, so I’ve literally put them in front of me. Here’s how to make a vision board.

  • Identify the values that you want to embody in this season of life.

The scary truth is that I am capable of forgetting who I…


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It’s quiet here.


buried beneath the white plastic picket and
swaths of manicured lawns

beneath the ostensibly innocuous
fortresses of hunger
which push out and long forget the sisters of adamah
which suck from the life of faraway things through a straw
and spit filth somewhere out of sight, where we don’t go…

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Just a few days after I wrote A Task System that Actually Works for Distracted People, I became a sort of lightning rod for all things task management.

Friends came out of the woodwork, identifying themselves as “perpetually distracted,” talking about their countless failed resolutions and struggles with focus. (Some…


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The patient
drinks a stimulant more than once a day
wakes up tired
goes to sleep spent
checks the time
three times
on the way to a meeting
that will
not be remembered — nearly trips,
spilling scalding alertness,
jolted, yet still asleep to
the glories

make up the blur…


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What if
today is exactly what it was supposed to be,
and I did my best
— all within my power to do?

What if
I walked with firm feet,
spoke from a whole heart,
and can go to bed with peace tonight?

What if
I have countless good things
behind and…

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“I built an amazing marriage overnight,” said nobody ever. That would make for an enticing headline, but we’d be rightly suspicious of the contents. We know that our relationships take a lot. …

Steven R. Durgin

Ex-social worker. Lay anthropologist. Director of Mastermind Development @ Vos. Trying to figure out what it means to be human.

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