After six months of reorganizing my work habits, I’m consistently completing 10 additional tasks per week

A man writes in his notebook while working at a desk with a laptop.
Image credit: Antonio_Diaz.

I’m not sure if I have ADD, but every time I encounter a TikTok or article that is supposed to speak to those folks, I feel like the target audience.

I am distracted to a degree that gets in the way of basic tasks, chores, and sequencing—doing things in the…

Feel more clear on what matters most to you and what actually works

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We all coast sometimes. It’s a natural response to feeling overwhelmed. Taking initiative, assessing our situation, making new plans — these can feel like difficult undertakings.

But if we simply reframe them in terms of asking questions, I believe we can take the pressure off and open up new horizons…

I refuse to lose sight of my dreams again, so I’ve literally put them in front of me. Here’s how to make a vision board.

  • Identify the values that you want to embody in this season of life.

The scary truth is that I am capable of forgetting who I…


Image by Public Co from Pixabay

It’s quiet here.


buried beneath the white plastic picket and
swaths of manicured lawns

beneath the ostensibly innocuous
fortresses of hunger
which push out and long forget the sisters of adamah
which suck from the life of faraway things through a straw
and spit filth somewhere out of sight, where we don’t go…

Steven R. Durgin

Ex-social worker. Lay anthropologist. Director of Mastermind Development @ Vos. Trying to figure out what it means to be human.

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